your web site needs to be simple, easy to navigate, fast and reliable. And it needs to work for all of your customers, not just those with a windows browser. 

It has to work for a small screen smart phones and PDA's, and these days - it cannot use flash or you will alienate every ipad user on earth.

With the increasing competition of Linux based desktops and servers, and the continual security threats posed by Microsoft solutions, customers and prospects are increasingly exercising their right to choose. And a lot of them are not choosing Microsoft solutions.

So it's important that your web site works for all browsers, and that it is standards based, and secure.

Your web site design says a lot about you, and must be built from a clear understanding of your bsuiness, and written for the needs of your customers and prospects. Our design process is simple and follows four easy steps:

1. Consult. Understand your business, find out what you want your web site to achieve and who you your customers are. We develop a clear understanding of your needs, the expected content for the site, and understand how often it will change and who will be changing it, and we document this.

2. Design. We built an overall look and feel, and then a menu layout that covers the needs aidentified in step 1. We make sure you are happy with the design.

3. Develop. Once you've agreed to the design we begin construction of the prototype site. We host it on one of our secure servers during the design phase.

4. Deploy. We upload to your selected service provider and fully smoke test all the functionality

5. Promote. Once live and tested - we launch the new design to the search engines.

6. Review. Two weeks after launch we sit down with you and review your traffic paterns and feedback on the new design

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